How Does Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Affect Lives?

When we talk about drugs and alcoholism there is a hard truth that most people will never know, never accept, or never want to hear about. Drugs and alcohol can victimize anyone and everyone, no matter what age, profession, or of any intelligence. Today, drug abuse has become a bad habit for many teenagers, an easy target, and is continuing to grow to extreme proportions. Teenage drug abuse in some areas is out of control. Without anyone seeming to have the answer how to control or stop spreading the disease which is like a fire storm fagged on by gusts of wind.


The First Signs


There are certain signals and signs of drug or alcoholism when a person starts to become involved. The addict will show signs such as having low self-esteem, anxiety, nervousness, habitual lying, restlessness, sudden changes in attitude without any reason, and lack of interest in the activities that they enjoyed doing before. As well hygiene starts to suffer, such as dirty clothes, personal care in general seems to suffer. Some of the other signs: When a teenager becomes involved in drugs, he or she will not sleep that much or sleep too much.


There will be a certain boost in energy level and the person becomes really talkative at times. The person starts to wear clothes to cover arms so needle marks don’t show, plus the body shakes most of the time. There are many other signs as well, but knowing these may help to put the person back on track. Becoming aware of the symptoms in the early stages there is a good chance to bring this person around and on to a normal life.

Effect on Your Body

Not to forget what the effect of drug and alcohol abuse has on your body and health. A person on drugs or alcohol is no longer food orientated. A matter of fact, food is the last thing on the menu which helps the addiction even more on its part of distraction. Drugs and alcohol effects the brain cells and every organ in your body where the liver is usually the first casualty.

When a person has started the recovery circle it is most important to choose a good diet for a sustainable recovery. Give the body lots of good stuff, in general good nutrition to catch up of all the missing things over a long time. Include a good multi supplement for a quick recovery. This will improve the way of positive thinking.

As your body recovers to full strength, so will your way of thinking. The negative thoughts will fade away as the positive thoughts become strong and you are able to say no to any attempt of going back to the ever-lasting cloudy days and dark alleys.