Health Benefits of Having a Clean Carpet


A clean carpet is an excellent thing. It can add a touch of class and timelessness to your home. It can improve the overall look. It can be a comfortable surface for your feet – or your back – to rest on after a long day at work.


However, a carpet should also be cleaned regularly and intensively. If you don’t think you need to clean your carpet, you best think again. Keeping a dirty carpet around is a huge health risk.


Yes, carpet cleaning in Perth WA can help you live a healthier life.


If you or anyone in your home has asthma, a dirty carpet could be a problem. Some asthmatics have their attacks triggered by carpet fibres. If those fibres aren’t clean, that just makes things worse. Even if you don’t have an asthmatic in your household, there are still three ways a dirty carpet can hurt you.


The first way is that it can weaken your immune system.


It looks clean on the surface, but a carpet can be a hotbed of unfortunate things. Insects, animal faeces, bacteria, and the like can all lurk between the fibres. Our immune system has no choice but to fight these off.


With a dirty carpet, your stress levels begin to rise, and the harmful bacteria in the fibres continue to press on your biological defences. Stress also increases in unclean environments, and your immune system goes into overdrive to compensate.


Skin problems are also a possible risk if you have a filthy carpet.


Dirty carpets are known to cause athlete’s foot and trigger skin asthma. In particular, walking barefoot on carpets exposes the feet to bacteria and fungi. These can get on the skin, or go through any openings such as wounds or cuts.


The dust and dirt in a carpet can be invisible to the naked eye. However, they can become irritants on the skin and cause various conditions to flare up.


Finally, you are putting yourself at risk of some respiratory problems.


Carpets can be home to dust mites. These little insects love dirty carpets, due to the abundance of bacteria and fungi in them. They breed and die there, leaving carcasses behind on the fibres. These can get into the air, irritating the eyes and nose. In some cases, they cause rashes.


Mold can thrive on a dirty carpet, too. They attract bacteria and various allergens. When inhaled, you can end up with symptoms, not unlike those of the flu.


As mentioned, asthma attacks are also a risk if you have dirty carpet. In fact, I know of a case that was so extreme that they had to remove the carpeting from their home entirely.


As you can see, keeping a dirty carpet is not a good idea for your health. Better to get it cleaned, whether by yourself or with professionals who know what they’re doing. Keeping it clean means that you get to keep the soft plush surface without putting your skin and lungs at risk.