Don’t Drink too much Water

There is an adage that says you need to drink eight glasses of water a day. Most people accept this as common knowledge. The problem is that there is no science whatsoever that says you should do this. This is not how you should determine when and how much to drink.


In fact, the human body has an excellent system for telling you when you need to drink water. It’s called feeling thirsty.


Now, there is nothing wrong with drinking a bottle of waste or two as you exercise. You feel thirsty, and you do need to rehydrate after strenuous activity. There are a few signs that you are overdoing the water drinking, though.


The first sign is that you drink when you’re not thirsty. As mentioned earlier, the body tells us to drink when it needs us to. If we ignore this and just drink continuously, it becomes a problem. You risk dropping your body’s electrolyte and sodium levels, causing all sorts of damage.


If you have throbbing headaches, that could be a sign of overhydration. These problems will persist throughout the day. This is because the low salt levels cause the organs to swell, pressing on nerves. In particular, too much water causes the brain to swell and press against the skull.


Do your muscles cramp easily? That is another indication you have too much water in your system.


You could bloat if you retain too much water! Sure, exercise can get rid of the excess. If you drink more than you need to, you could end up keeping more than your body expels.


With this in mind, just how much is too much? That will differ from person to person. Again, the body is very good at telling you when you need to drink water. Just drink until you stop feeling thirsty, and you should be okay.