Benefits of Coconut on health


Coconut water and coconut oil has their own separate benefits:

Benefits of Young Coconut Water:

Excellent for rehydration.

It has cooling effects on your body.

Helps to soothe and prevent skin eruptions and rashes, when applied to the skin.

Outstanding nutrition source for infants.

Improves muscle and physical growth in children.

Prevents and ease cholera through the presence of organic sodium and albumin in the coconut water.

Eliminate the pain of kidney stones through fighting Nano-bacteria and growth of bad calcium in your kidneys.

Used as blood plasma substitute because it’s sterile and accepted by the body.

Benefits of Coconut Oil:


Betters your digestive system and absorbs amino acids and fat-dissolvable vitamins.

Protects your immune system through fighting off viruses, bacteria and fungal overgrowth.

Improve blood sugar levels and decrease symptoms of hypoglycaemia.

Helps your body to absorb magnesium and calcium more.

Consist out of 90% and more raw satured fat, which is a germain building block of every cell in your body.

Consists of the most lauric acid of any plant source.

Help to balance and support healthy hormone function.

Improve thyroid function, which will help your body to shake off the excess weight and toxins.

Increase your metabolism, which will help you to lose weight and feel more energized.

Supports your cardiovascular system and contains no cholesterol.

These benefits mentioned above isn’t the only benefits that coconuts have. There’s much more!

9 Health Benefits of the Entire Coconut on Your Body:


Keeps Your Heart Healthy: This great superfood provides your body with medium-chained fatty acids (MCFA) that’s very important for overall good health. This means that the MCFA that’s in this powerful superfood has no negative issues on your cholesterol levels and decrease the chance of atherosclerosis, which cause the walls of your arteries to thicken and leads to a heart disease. This nutrition filled superfood will prevent you from all these heart-diseases and will help your heart to beat healthy!

Improves Your Digestive System: Coconuts consists of 62 % dietary fibre, which already shows the amazing benefits of taking in this great superfood. This will decrease constipation, stomach cramps, and fullness. This superfood is also non-digestible, which means that no calories are taken from it. This means that the roughness of the coconut flesh cleanse your colon and gets released. So, don’t think that it will actually block your colon or have no benefit if it doesn’t get digested.

Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels: Coconut has a low glycaemic index (GI), which means that it waves down the release of glucose in your blood and requires less insulin to balance your glucose levels and converts it into energy. This low GI superfood helps your body to relieve stress on your pancreas and enzyme structures in your body. This will prevent the world most popular disease known as diabetes. The low GI content will also make you feel fuller for longer, because it release energy slow that keeps you going through the whole day. This will prevent you from having sugar cravings during the day!