When Should I Exercise?

What is the best time to exercise?

All too often, we get caught up in the perfect routine. How do we work our triceps and biceps? How much weight do I need so I can work my core? Should I skip leg day? How many reps, so I can build up my upper body strength?

What we so rarely consider is when we do our routines.

Some folks swear that you should exercise in the morning. It’ll get you psyched for the day. Others will refuse to do anything strenuous before noon, and might even consider exercise after dinner or later in the evening. This implies the fact that there is no particular time of day when exercise works best.

However, time of day can become a factor in when you feel like engaging your routine.

What is most important is that you pick a time you can stick to. Whether it is early in the morning or late in the evening does not matter. As long as you are free and can remain active during that period, it will work. You can form a habit more quickly than by forcing yourself up at an uncomfortable time.

You need to check with your body clock. Your rhythm is different from other people’s, and you need to know it well to time your exercise right. Things like blood pressure, hormone levels, and heart rate all play a role in your physical readiness to exercise.

That being said, morning might be a good time to develop the habit.

Research suggests that all other factors being equal, morning exercise tends to do better than later periods. The current theory is that you get the motion and movement in before daily pressure and stress interferes with the body.

It is also easier to develop the habit because fewer things are competing for the time.