Are Tattoos Necessary to Fit in?

I guess that’s the number one cliché in the gym. You see a guy who has been in the gym for some time. He’s ripped and has the body of a god. One thing you notice is that he has a tattoo. You look around and 90% of the people around you have tattoos. You look at your virgin skin and wonder, is it necessary to get a tattoo to fit in?

Throughout time, tattoos have had significant meaning to cultures and tribes. That’s what we see on Discovery Channel, right? Tattoos usually signify strength or other kind of message. It’s always the warriors that have tattoos. Other times, tattoos signify authority especially with the elders. The more tattoos a person has, the higher he sits in the totem pole.

I guess that’s how most people see tattoo – as a sign of strength. Nowadays, that is not always the case but it’s not easy to get a tattoo. It hurts. While there are ways to reduce the pain, most tattoo artists prefer if their clients experience the pain. It’s because they believe the pain is part of the whole deal. No one person deserves a tattoo if they can’t take the pain that goes with it.

So back to our topic, are tattoos really necessary to fit in? Personally, I think people can enjoy their days in the gym without tattoos. But, there’s a social implication of having a tattoo. It’s not really about being manly but about a show of strength. Just remember that a tattoo is not something you can have today and have it gone tomorrow. It should be something you are really set on doing. Also, remember that what you tattoo should be something that really represents you. Although you can get a tattoo removal perth to take care of your tattoo for you. Don’t just count on them all the time.