2017 Bathroom design Trends

When people think trends, they don’t usually think of the bathroom. That’s a shame because the style-conscious among us really should do otherwise. The bathroom isn’t just that part of your house that you think about only when you have to; it could be just as trendy as the rest of the home!


In fact, here are the latest trends for bathroom design in 2017.


Hitting the latest design trend for bathrooms is the urge to stay a little longer.


Folks are finding more time to relax and cut loose in the privacy of the bathroom. It’s a trend that we’re picking up from the Japanese, who have always viewed bath time as relaxation time. Adjustments may not go as far as installing a TV into the bathtub, but they’re getting there.


We expect the trend to continue towards tranquillity and relaxation. A real focus on ‘me’ time, so peace is going to be at the top of the priority list. Ease of use is also a huge factor.


Lighting it up is also huge these days.


I mean, bathrooms are always in need of good lighting. These days, though, it goes a step further. More and more people want the lights to adjust. They want bright, energetic daytime light and something more subdued and relaxed at night.


Curves like a racing yacht are coming back, too. Personally, I never liked the hard edges that came into fashion these past few years. It just seemed like a bad idea, especially in a bathroom.


More smooth curves are in vogue for bathrooms. Edges started out popular, but they’re fading away. People want their surfaces and ceramics smooth and with a “softer” visual these days.


Metallic finishes are also on the way out since they clash against the high moisture environment. The more traditional porcelain or ceramics are back in the game.


Small is also coming back with a vengeance.


For a while there, the trend was to make bigger bathrooms. You wanted more space, more things, more room to move. Now it’s starting to reverse, and people are falling in love with the compact, no-wasted-space small bathroom design again.


It isn’t going to work for everybody, but it’s a great alternative to expanding the space. It’s also good if that’s all the space you have available.


Now, we know what you’re thinking. You do not want to be paying for a trendy renovation when you have leaks all over the place. Think of the expense!


Except you’re spending money already. There’s a good chance that the repairs will tear up some parts of the bathroom. If you’re getting a re-grouting or a renovation, might as well spice things up a little, right? In fact, click here to see more of a company we recommend for that sort of deal.


You can hire these great regrouters and repair guys first. Make sure all your pipes and fixtures aren’t leaking. After that, you can call in some design experts and figure out how to make your bathroom the prettiest one in the block.